Rubber Speed Hump

Speed_Hump_Techno-OneMade of synthetic rubber and uniquely designed to slow down vehicular traffic. Yellow and Black color provides greater visiblity and It is easily installable on all types of roads and give a nice look without damaging the vehicles.
• Available in black and yellow combination for greater visibility
• UV, Moisture and Temperature Resistant
• Modular design provides flexibility to suit any type of road
• Instant installation with application of epoxy spikesfor anchoring
• Pre Colored material does not require repainting
• Manufactured from high intensity rubber
• Superior construction ensures will not warp, crack and chip and so on
• Easy handling, removable, relocatable and easily installed by one person
• Flexible design allows conformity to the contour ofvirtually any road surface
• End caps from protecting section ends from wear and tear