Automatic Road Blocker

ADC RoadblockerHydraulic Road Blocker is the ADC’s highest rated road blocker. It is an electro hydraulically operated rising step obstruction which rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high security premises. When in lowered position the vehicles can pass through, thereby providing a good enhanced security blockage system.

• 4-6 Seconds raising time
• Manual operation in case of power failure (Optional).
• 3M Eng Grade reflecting stripes.
• Complete obstacle.
• Customize sizes as per requirement.
• Wire connected remote operation.

Operational Specifications:
ADC Roadblocker6• Axle weight allowed 15 – 20 ton
• Operating range 10 meters
• Operating / rising time 4 – 6 sec.
• Operating temperature -10 +60 C
• Impact load Car, Van, Truck at 70 km/h.
• Height of raised obstacle 660 – 736 mm.
• Width of raised obstacle 840 – 915 mm.
• Length of raised obstacle customized up to 8 ~ 18 ft.
• Depth of obstacle in closing 38 inches i.e. 965mm.

places like center require high level of safety plaza, shopping centers consulate building, embassies,military installations, airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, oil & gas refineries and mines.