Automatic Road Barriers


The Traffic Barrier is a tried and tested solution for vehicular access control.Public places require the management and control of areas to be used for vehicle parking, to be only accessible to authorized people. This calls for a safe, efficient and reliable control system.  Automatic barriers combine ease of use, minimalist design and practicality, and offer a wide range of accessories, as well as several control and monitoring options, from the most traditional remote controls and keys to the “coin” or “magnetic loop” operated systems.


24 V and 230 V flashing light with flashing operation

Sof safety edges

These are fitted to all entrance control systems to ensuremaximum safety during opening and closing operations


  • Opening times 1- 6 secs.
  • Provisions for Loop detector and Access Control System
  • Manual release option in case of power failure.
  • Intensive use
  • Self braking operator with Electronic Slow down function.
  • Vertical and horizontal positions adjustable.
  • Available also with Electric –brake.
  • Strong and easy to use unlock device with Personalized Key.
  • Low maintenance required.

Airport, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Cinema, Funland, Garden Centers, Hospitals,  university, Housing society, industry