Automatic Sliding Gates

ADC Gate Motor adc sliding gateSliding gates demand flexible automation that is able to manage different frame dimensions, different types of duty and different environmental conditions, whilst always ensuring maximum operational safety,functioningand reliability.
The new range of ADC  automation satisfies various private requirements.
When selecting the motor, the main factor to consider is the weight and, depending on the case, the length of the wing.

– residential case used for 400kg upto 1400 kg versions
– commercial used for 1500kg upto4000 kg versions

Position and speed are managed in complete safety thanks to the virtual encoder and magnetic limit switches (optional on some versions).  range feature a 24 V DC motor and maximum protection of internal and moving parts. also offer external LED display and a safety battery pack for additional safety and comfort.

Target application field 
Residential Home, apartment blocks, villas
Light industrial applications (small office buildings, Steel gates, etc)