Automatic Sliding Doors

ten_2It is a compact yet powerful operator. Fitted with a Dünkergear motor, it is suitable for continuous, intensive use. The standard version is suitable for a single door weighing up to 130kg, or a pair of doors weighing 90kg each. Alternatively, the heavier duty version is suitable for a single door weighing up to 200kg or a pair of doors weighing 150kg each. Conveniently, the only component that changes between the two versions is the gearmotor.

Furthermore, two telescopic versions are available using the same standard components. The telescopic profile is simply an add-on to the standard profile, so it really is a simple solution for telescopic doors.
All the programming of the operator is done using a separate digital interface with a large LCD screen. This enables the set-up of the operator to be done at ground level, as opposed to up a step-ladder. The hand-held digital interface helps simplify the set-up and commissioning of the installation, allowing parameters to be changed quickly, and circuits to be bypassed when not in use instead of needing to wire loops into unused terminals.

Single door side opening
A single door leaf is used in this configuration. Suitable if the site conditions allow clearance only on one side

Two door center opening
This is the most common configuration. It requires sufficient clearance on either side of the opening.

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